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AIEQ - AI Powered Equity ETF

AIEQ - AI Powered Equity ETF

Artificial intelligence powered ETF that utilizes IBM Watson to equal a team of 1,000 research analysts, traders and quants working around the clock.

  • The first actively managed ETF to fully utilize artificial intelligence as a method for stock selection.
  • Analyzing millions of data points across news, social media, industry and analyst reports, financial statements on over 6,000 U.S. companies, technical, macro, market data and more.
  • Harnesses the power of IBM Watson for machine learning, sentiment and natural language processing.
  • Previously only available to hedge funds and professional trading firms, this method of stock selection is now accessible as a prepackaged solution in an ETF.

Investment Objective

The AI Powered Equity ETF seeks long-term capital appreciation and targets a maximum risk adjusted return versus the broader U.S. equity market.