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CO2 - SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC

CO2 - SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC

"SparkChange CO2 prevents emissions by withholding carbon allowances from polluters. This means investors can achieve both environmental impact and potential returns - together at the same time."  Elliot Waxman, CEO of SparkChange


EUAs are increasing in scarcity value:

An EUA is a permit to pollute 1 tonne of CO2 (Source: European Commission). The EU Commission automatically issues fewer EUAs each year in order to decrease CO2 emissions over time, creating the potential for upward price pressure and driving scarcity value. 

100% physically-backed by EUAs:

Each SparkChange CO2 is physically-backed by one EUA which will be adjusted for accumulated management fees since launch. EUAs held within the ETC structure cannot be used by polluters, ensuring direct and positive environmental impact. In contrast, futures-based products do not affect the supply of EUAs. SparkChange CO2 also avoids the performance drag associated with EUA futures-based products. This drag (known as “contango”) erodes the value of a futures-based investment over time, at the expense of the investor. As CO2 uses physical EUAs rather than futures, investors will not suffer from this effect.