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ROBT- FT Nasdaq Artfcl Intllgnc and Rbtc ETF


ROBT - FT Nasdaq Artfcl Intllgnc and Rbtc ETF

ROBT uses the Consumer Technology Association’s classification and rating system to select companies involved in artificial intelligence or robotics. Stocks are classified into one of three categories: enablers (companies in advance machinery, semiconductors, or databases used for machine learning), engagers (companies offering products, software, or systems), or enhancers (companies that do not have AI/Robotics as their core business but still provide value to the industry). Stocks are then ranked based on their level of involvement in the industry, and the index selects the top 30 companies within each category. Engagers receive 60% weight, enablers have 25%, and enhancers take 15% weight of the portfolio, holdings are equally weighted within the categories. The index is rebalanced quarterly and reconstituted semi-annually.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Exchange Traded Fund