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US Index ETF

US Index ETF

XLU Utilities

Electric utilities; water utilities; multi-utilities; independent power and renewable electricity producers; and gas utilities.

XLK - Technology

Technology Stocks

XLP - Consumer Staples

food and staples retailing; household products; food products; beverages; tobacco; and personal products.

XLF - Financials

 Diversified financial services; insurance; banks; capital markets; mortgage real estate investment trusts ("REITs"); consumer finance; and thrifts and mortgage finance. 

XLRE - Real Estate

real estate management and development and REITs, excluding mortgage REITs.

XLY - Consumer Discretionary

retail; hotels, restaurants and leisure; textiles, apparel and luxury goods; household durables; automobiles; auto components; distributors; leisure products; and diversified consumer services.

XLI - Industrial

aerospace and defense; industrial conglomerates; marine; transportation infrastructure; machinery; road and rail; air freight and logistics; commercial services and supplies; etc

XLV - Health

pharmaceuticals; health care equipment & supplies; health care providers & services; biotechnology; life sciences tools & services; and health care technology. 

XLE - Energy

oil, gas and consumable fuels; and energy equipment and services. 

XLB - Materials

chemicals; metals and mining; paper and forest products; containers and packaging; and construction materials. 


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